“The Third One” Tells the Story of When a Nice Gay Couple Takes On a Third


Argentinian director’s Rodrigo Guerrero’s second feature is an insightful and charming tale about a one night stand that may change a young man’s outlook on life and love.   We first see 22 year old near-naked Fede at his laptop on a chatline talking to Franco  The conversation soon gets very intimate and graphic  and in case we don’t get where this is leading too, Guerrero has inserted some very short clips of gay porn films.  Franco is in his early 40’s and partnered and when all three men agree they like the look of how this hook-up is progressing they invite the young man over for dinner and more.
There is no ambiguity to the invitation and over the course of the meal, the three men chat at length about their backgrounds, their families and their lives so far. It is all very innocent and so completely friendly in such a way that it actually seems like the couple are looking to adopt the younger man rather take him to their bed and sexually ravish him.   But this is what happens once desert has been served but as the action is photographed mainly from the waist up it is more sweet and somewhat wholesome than salacious. There is a lot of grunting and groaning and smiling and then some penetration.
Next morning the  men leave for work and the boy leaves for college after they all say their fond farewells and promise to repeat the night very soon.  The closing credits roll as we see young grinning Fede day-dreaming in Class his mind still on the events on last night as if he had just lost his virginity. (Not true).
“The Third One” is cleverly-scripted, well-directed, and features wonderful performances by the actors who portray the only three characters in the movie.  It’s refreshing to watch a film that tackles it’s subject completely in such a pared down manner.  The tidy film also offers up the optimistic notion that sometimes online hook-ups can be like a fairy tale after all.
“The Third One” will be shown at Frameline 38 San Francisco International Film Festival at the Victoria Theater Saturday, June 28 at 9:15 p.m.