Drag Race Fave to Perform Stevie Nicks Mini-Musical at Bucks

Fan favorite and RuPaul’s Drag Race season 5 queen Alaska Thunderf**k has chosen Labor Day Weekend in Guerneville to perform her new show Stevie Forever, a dragged-out, musical fairy tale from hell that tells the story of Stevie Nicks’ rise to rock goddess fame. It sounds pretty amazing:

In Stevie Forever, RuPaul’s Drag Race finalist and cosmic starlet of stage and screen Alaska invites you to join her as she channels the grand high priestess of rock herself. Alaska will be joined by her stalwart companion and pianist Handsome Jeremy who becomes Stevie’s on-again-off-again love and lifetime musical partner Lindsay Buckingham. Together they retell and relive Stevie’s history as a rock goddess and all-around badass witch. Spells will be cast, curses will be placed, and illicit substances will be consumed while Stevie and Lindsay tear through their all-time classics and re-imagine current hits in timeless Stevie style.

Opening the show at 8:30 pm will be Tora Hymen and Her Backwoods Barbie’s Review! $35-45

August 30th 8:30 pm at Buck’s Rivermill Dinner Theatre
16440 4th St at Mill Guerneville Ca

Ticketts available soon at brown paper tickets bpt.com
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