The Occidental Community Choir Will Be “Riding the Waves” During May Concerts

The  Occidental  Community  Choir  presents  “Riding  the  Waves,”  an  eclectic  concert  of   lyrical,  heartfelt  songs  that  will  take  you  on  a  journey  from  the  silly  to  the  sublime.    The   Greek  philosopher  Heraclitus  wrote,  “the  only  thing  constant  is  change.”  Nearly  3000   years  later  it  is  still  true  that  we  must  all  ride  out  our  personal  storms.  The  human  heart   has  the  capacity  to  bear  great  joy,  sorrow  and  longing.     In  keeping  with  their  tradition  of  encouraging  and  presenting  original  works,  most  of  the   concert’s  songs  are  written  by  choir  members.  Steve  Fowler’s  “Rivulet”  is  wistful  and   lilting  while  Robin  Eschner’s  “Waltzing  the  Moon”s  lush,  romantic  harmonies  evoke  a   bygone  era.

The  musical  journey  continues  through  spirituals  and  gospel  to  songs  sung   in  Spanish,  Italian  and  Bulgarian.    Several  familiar  classics,  such  as  Cole  Porter’s  standard   “Anything  Goes”  and  the  Beatles’  “Can’t  Buy  Me  Love”  round  out  the  program  and  will   be  presented  with  delightful  and  unexpected  arrangements.

“What  we  create  musically  is  magical,  and  comes  not  only  from  hard  work,  but  from  our   sense  of  community,”  says  long  time  choir  singer  Diane  Masura.    Whether  one  is  a  fan  of   folk,  world,  classical,  or  choral  music,  the  Occidental  Community  Choir’s  spring  concert   offers  something  for  everyone.    Going  strong  in  its  36th  year,  this  Sonoma  county   treasure  is  not  to  be  missed!  So  kick  off  the  start  of  the  summer  music  season  with   some  real  “Music  From  Home.”

Saturdays at 8 p.m., May 2, May 8 and May 9  at Occidental Center for the Arts.   Sunday, May 3 at 3 p.m. at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts. Sunday May 10 at 3 p.m. at the Glaser Center, Santa Rosa Adults – $15 • Kids 12 and under – Free Tickets available at the door or at Advance tickets recommended. Concerts sell out.