Get Ready for Wildwood’s Open Body Yoga Retreat for Men

The Wildwood Retreat Center will be hosting its annual Open Body Yoga Retreat for Men starting Thursday, July 9 through Sunday, July 12, 2015 at its facility in the hills near the Russian River.

“We’ve put together four days of exciting and varied events with the idea that each participant will be able to create his own ideal yoga getaway,” says Tim J. Luddy, the yoga instructor leading the event. “Attendees will find a broad series of yoga offerings each day including power yoga, five elements, and partner work, plus evening workshops in self-¬pleasure and partnered massage exchange.”

In addition to Luddy, who is an instructor with Naked Yoga for Men San Francisco, there will be two other instructors leading classes over the course of the weekend: yoga instructor Sterling Taylor and erotic coach Matt Van Horn.

Sterling Taylor, who is also associated with Naked Yoga for Men San Francisco, will be leading a series of challenging, energetic power yoga classes over the course of the weekend.

“I experienced my first men’s naked yoga class in 2013,” says Taylor. “It was there, for the first time ever, that I learned to feel completely comfortable in my own skin and I always try to share that feeling with my students. Life is too precious to spend it loathing yourself and your body!”

Self-acceptance and body image are key themes for Matt Van Horn’s work as well. Van Horn, an erotic coach who has assisted at numerous Body Electric workshops, will be leading sessions in self-pleasure and tantric massage during the retreat.

“I teach people how to get in touch with their bodies, feel erotic sensations on a deeper level, and show them how to use that energy to transform their lives,” says Van Horn.

Wildwood, located near Guerneville, California, is comprised of meeting rooms and lodging on more than 200 acres adjacent to Austin Creek State Park. In addition to the breathtaking views from its mountaintop retreat center, visitors will encounter amazing plant specimens, including an albino redwood tree, as well as creature comforts like the swimming pool and hot tub. The setting and its rich history as a place of healing for gay men has been known to have an almost magical effect on visitors.

“I’ve always enjoyed the community of men that Wildwood has been able to attract and nourish,” says Luddy. “There’s always a strong sense of belonging, of being able to very quickly connect to a group of open¬-hearted men on a meaningful level, and to relax and just have fun in a really genuine way.”

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About Wildwood
The Wildwood Conservation Foundation & Retreat Center is a sanctuary created and sustained by gay men for healing, transformation, and spiritual growth. Covering more than 200 acres of woodlands near Guerneville, California, the property has been used as a retreat for gay men since the late 1970s. Wildwood is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
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