First LGBTQ-owned Mobile Provider Leverages Profits to Strengthen its Community

A gay man and a straight man start a cell phone company. Sounds like the setup for a big punch line, but in fact, it’s the genesis of the first, LGBTQ majority-owned and operated wireless company. Pride Wireless seeks to change the world, one cell phone at a time.

Each month, PRIDE Wireless will donate a portion of its profits through monthly distributions to community organizations based upon votes by its customers. In each country that PRIDE Wireless operates, it will identify and support worthy non-profits in areas like LGBTQ healthcare (HIV/AIDS, breast cancer), suicide prevention, anti-bullying, addiction, homelessness, employment & housing, as well as aging.

While PRIDE Wireless customers will benefit from the same phones and 4G/LTE networks, significant service plan savings, and discounts through its deals membership program, they will also have the added benefit of fabulous “gay” customer service.  Yet the biggest benefit customers receive is the satisfaction from becoming a philanthropic partner with PRIDE Wireless. The goal is to advocate for, give back to and help advance the health, safety and equality of the global LGBTQ community by leveraging the profits from providing outstanding mobile service.

The United States made a giant leap toward equality through the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling on June 26, 2015, but it’s critical to remember that the global LGBTQ community has not achieved full equality. “We’ve worked hard, sacrificed and came a long way in winning the love battle in the US but the worldwide war for equality rages on,” said Patrick Adams, openly gay CEO of PRIDE Wireless.  “In the US, it’s still legal in thirty states to fire someone or deny housing based upon their sexual orientation.  Now’s the time to leverage the same-sex marriage ruling and double our efforts to achieve full equality. Now’s the time for PRIDE Wireless.”

Adams speaks from first-hand experience. Rapidly climbing the corporate ladder and taking his first executive role, Adams was fired from his job for being gay.  At the time, his state did not have LGBTQ employment non-discrimination protections nor did they exist nationwide.  Today, the US still lacks nationwide employment protections for LGBT people.

By launching a cell phone company that services LGBTQ consumers and their straight supporters, the PRIDE Wireless team, saw a way to turn Adams’ unjust firing into an opportunity to provide economic support to organizations advancing the LGBTQ community.

The PRIDE Wireless team has already secured angel investments, a strategic partnership that grants cellular network access in 32 countries, and is in the process of deploying all systems required to achieve operational excellence. Pride Wireless has launched an Indiegogo campaign – – to raise the final funds needed to bring the service to market – targeting Atlanta PRIDE on October 10-11, 2015 as the initial launch.

Founded June 16, 2014, PRIDE Wireless is positioned to be the first global wireless company primarily managed by LGBTQ leadership and serving the LGBTQ community and its supporters. Through a custom developed philanthropic marketing strategy, PRIDE Wireless donates a portion of profits to organizations that support LGBTQ health, safety and equality.

PRIDE Wireless customers further benefit from the same phones and 4G/LTE networks as the major providers, all at lower prices. Customers can also enjoy a unique savings & deals club, while receiving fabulous “gay” customer service.  PRIDE Wireless’ goal is to change the world, one cell phone at a time.

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