Reasons To Tap A Travel Consultant For Your Next BIG Vacation Or Destination Event

Marcella Raimondo and Srinika Narayan are two very busy women with demanding careers and a desperate need to take a vacation.

They needed a vacation in a bad way, a vacation where they completely unplugged and were able to relax.

“Both of us, we really needed to check out, completely checked out,” says Raimondo.

The problem, they were so busy that they didn’t have time to barely think about their vacation, much less sit down at the computer and start doing the research to plan their escape from their daily lives.

“I suppose we would have been able to do this on our own, but it would have been really hard for me,” says Raimondo, pointing out how much work it would have been to plan the trip and “still not know what we were getting into.”

She says she’s not alone. She knows many people who simply don’t have the time to plan their vacation so they can take the time out to completely getaway and recharge, so they end up staying at home where work can find them or not going on vacation at all.

“Colleagues of mine, we are all so busy and just need to get away,” says Raimondo. “Sometimes the planning for the getaway is what creates the biggest barriers.”

So, the two women tapped Girls That Roam Travel‘s Heather Cassell to guide them their perfect vacation.

Girls That Roam Travel is the agency arm of Girls That Roam, an online women’s travel magazine, and operates out of Travel Advisors of Los Gatos, California.

“It relieved us of doing the research, it relieved us of doing all of booking of activities — because that would have been just really labor intensive,” says Raimondo. “Considering how busy my partner and I were and are it just helped to just work with [a travel consultant].”

“[Our travel consultant] turned around and gave me everything all laid out for us,” adds Raimondo, who received three or more different itineraries for each destination they were considering.

That’s a sign of a good travel agent, according to Bay Area’s Consumer Checkbook (which is available for free for the next week thanks to ABC 7 News). Travel Advisors recently received a 100% rating from the consumer advocacy organization.

The two women settled on Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches and eco-adventures.

“We had a great time!” says Raimondo.

When a couple of things went astray during their Costa Rica vacation, in spite of being across four borders and nearly 3,000 miles away from home, Raimondo and Narayan felt Cassell’s presence making sure they were taken care of and advocating for them to make everything right.

Another sign of a good agent and gives you a peace of mind is if anything goes wrong you can leverage their assistance to help you out of a situation.

Outside of handing off the legwork of planning your vacation to navigating visas and other essential travel documents, security and weather alerts, and other not-so-exciting details of planning a vacation your travel consultant many have actually been to a destination or work with trusted travel partners. That insider knowledge is invaluable, especially when it comes to hotels, tours, restaurants, and many other things many people do on vacation.

Heather Cassell, publisher and editor of Girls That Roam and travel councilor at Girls That Roam Travel in association with Travel Advisors of Los Gatos (Photo: Super G)

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