Campus Pride and Athlete Ally Launch Groundbreaking Sports Inclusion Project


Campus Pride and Athlete Ally announced Wednesday the launch of the Sports Inclusion Project, (, a first-of-its-kind effort that will work toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) inclusion in college athletics and recreational sports on college campuses.

The multi-year project will focus on all levels of college athletics and participation within recreational sports, setting a national standard of LGBT-inclusion in sports policies, programs, and practices. Throughout 2016, Campus Pride and Athlete Ally will work with college athletic and sports recreation programs to survey their internal policies, programs, and climate. In 2017, the project will culminate in a groundbreaking report and benchmarking measurements that will enable college athletic and recreation administrators to evaluate their sporting environments for LGBT-inclusivity.

“As the leading experts in LGBT student life on college campuses, we know that research and resources are critical on the path to inclusion,” said Shane Windmeyer, executive director of Campus Pride. “The Sports Inclusion Project will provide that foundation of understanding and also provide greater exposure for key resources like the Campus Pride Sports Index to assist with these necessary improvements in sports. From admissions to team and rec sports, from classes to graduation, all students should feel included and be accepted.”

“The Sports Inclusion Project will have an enormous impact on college athletics, as it will be a powerful tool in Athlete Ally’s ongoing LGBT inclusion work,” said Ashland Johnson, director of policy at Athlete Ally. “For the first time, campus administrators will be armed with the tools they need to make measurable improvements to the sports diversity and inclusion environment, whether it’s LGBT inclusion trainings, our groundbreaking LGBT climate survey, or tailored policy updates.”

To participate, campus athletic community members should visit and complete the two components:

1)    The Athlete Ally Climate Survey, a qualitative assessment that will analyze the LGBT-inclusion climate in your Athletic Department from the perspective of student-athletes, coaches, and administrators. This 15-minute voluntary survey will make it possible to shape future inclusion goals and strategies more accurately.

2)    The Campus Pride Sports Index, a quantitative assessment for colleges and universities to assess LGBT-inclusive policies, programs, and practices related to intercollegiate athletics and collegiate recreation. This 45-minute assessment will pinpoint both the best LGBT-inclusive sports policies and practices as well as key gaps for improvement in policy and programs.

Further information can be found at