San Diego HIV/AIDS Annual Retreat to be Held Sept. 12-16


Strength for the JourneyStrength for the Journey is a 5 day retreat providing a safe, caring, and healing community that fosters spiritual and emotional growth. In addition to providing the physical needs of a retreat, the program also offers various group workshops on health and wellness, medication adherence, nutrition, and diet and exercise. One of the main intentions of the retreat is to provide the circumstances in which people can inspire and encourage one another to develop new attitudes about living with HIV. This year’s retreat will take place Sept. 12 – 16 at Camp Cedar Glen near Julian, Calif.

Strength for the Journey was founded by the Reverend Burt All, a United Methodist minister who was himself living with AIDS. Burt had a vision of a place away from the city – away from the pressures of day to day life – where others living with HIV/AIDS could rest, relax, share, connect, play, and heal. His vision was realized in 1988 with the first Strength for the Journey retreats in Los Angeles and San Diego.

San Diego Strength for the Journey 2016 is made possible with the generous support of the United Methodist Church and San Diego AIDS Walk. All our staff and planners are volunteers. This retreat is open to anyone with HIV/AIDS without regard to religion, race, gender or sexual orientation. Visit the website and type in Strength for the Journey in the search box to get more info on the retreat. Camp Cedar Glen is not wheelchair accessible. Use or possession of illegal drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited. Any smoking is extremely limited due to fire danger. We may not be able to accommodate companion animals. Early registration is advised due to limited camp capacity. A minimum of $25.00 is required at registration. Register online at