NASTAD Launches Accredited Education Program to Elevate the Standard of Care for Black Gay Men

NASTAD (National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors), has announced the launch of a new online training platform,, to help doctors, nurses, and medical professionals unlearn racial biases that create barriers to good care and elevate the quality of healthcare for black gay men and black men who have sex with men.

The barriers for black gay men in search of medical care are high. Even though most medical providers want to give good care, only 1 in 3 doctors know what PrEP is — a groundbreaking HIV prevention medication; many doctors aren’t versed in providing quality care for LGBTQ people; and research indicates implicit bias has lead to subpar care for Black Americans. “His Health” gives accredited in-depth training for medical professionals alongside stories of the best care programs in the country.

“Finding a good doctor as a black gay man with HIV is incredibly difficult,” said Terrance Moore, Deputy Executive Director at NASTAD. “Research shows that implicit bias stops many doctors from providing high-quality care to black Americans. Add to that a lack of understanding about the sexual health care needs of LGBT patients — and many men I know would rather stay home. That’s why this new tool is so important — we can help doctors fight implicit bias and provide better care.” is a dynamic training tool that:

  • Provides accredited and expert-led continuing education courses that count towards the credits medical professionals already need to maintain their medical licensure;

  • Offers portraits of innovative models of care including Project Silk, a CDC funded, Pittsburgh -based recreational safe space and sexual health center rooted in house ball culture and Connecting Resources for Urban Sexual Health, a sexual health clinic created by and for LGBTQ youth of color; and

  • Gives easy access to evidence-based resources to support the delivery of high quality, culturally affirming healthcare services for Black men who have sex with men.

“There is a lot of discussion right now about implicit bias and police brutality in the U.S. — but the truth is, this is a huge challenge for health care providers as well,” said Omoro Omoighe, Associate Director of Health Equity and Health Care Access at NASTAD. “We know doctors and nurses desperately wish to offer culturally affirming healthcare that is stigma free to Black LGBT patients. With the advent of His Health, they now have the tools necessary to tackle implicit bias and feel more confident in their ability to uplift the standard of care for black gay men while maintaining their licensure to practice medicine.”

The His Health platform was developed for and by Black same gender loving men and their healthcare providers in partnership with NASTAD and the Health Resources Services Administration’s HIV/AIDS Bureau (HRSA/HAB) in response to the high HIV rates amongst black men who have sex with men.