DCCC: Duncan Hunter Should Apologize For His Anti-transgender Remarks

During congressional testimony on Wednesday night, Duncan Hunter made a series of disturbing remarks concerning trans men and women serving in the military. The five-term incumbent, currently under a congressional investigation for allegedly using tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds to pay for family vacations to Hawaii, private school tuition for his children, and video games, said that he ‘could not imagine having to share berthing or showers with somebody who was a girl and didn’t have the surgery to become a man but kept the girl stuff and now she’s with a bunch of guys’.

You can watch a full video of the exchange above.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) spokesperson Drew Godinich released the following statement: “The men and women who serve in the American military, who put their lives on the line every day to protect the freedoms that we hold dear, are heroes. It is our responsibility as Americans to support those who are willing to take that most sacred oath. The remarks earlier this week by congressional Republicans tarnish that responsibility. When it comes to serving your country, it should not matter whether you are gay or straight or trans – only that you believe in the values and ideals of this nation, and that you are willing to sacrifice everything to protect them. Duncan Hunter and his fellow Republicans should immediately apologize.”