Sonoma County Art Trails 2017 – Rescheduled


Due to fires that devastated our community, Art Trails is rescheduled to October 21, 22 and October 28, 29.

Studios NOT OPEN either weekend:            11 Christine MacDonald, 14 Susan Miron, 17 Tom Berto, 25 Barbara Kelly, 26 Lisa Skelly, 28 Bill Gittins, 30 Anne Regan, 31 Char Wood, 32 Dannell Powell, 63 Valerie Adams, 67 Donna DeLaBriandais

Studios open Oct 21-22 ONLY:                   34 Rick Blundell, 36 Jennylynn Hall, 39 Sargam Griffin, 58 Beverly Todd Rose, 81 Caro Pemberton, 100 Jay Blums, 147 Sherri Ortegren

Studios open Oct 28-29 ONLY:                     1 Martha Mellinger, 9 Ann Iverson, 70 Tamra Sanchez, 134 Carol Peek

Status undetermined at this time:              4 Hugh Buttrum, 6 Evan Garber, 8 Roxanna Ahlborn, 10 Sandra Lane, 15 Wayne Reynolds, 16 Caryn Fried, 62 Ralph Broussard

Art Trails artists are an incredibly caring group and we hope that you will visit the studios  that are open to show your support and help the community to heal through art.

Please use this website for the most current information. It is changing daily as new information comes in. Thank you for understanding.
Posted 10/18/17

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The Sonoma County Art Trails Collectors Guide  is a year-round guide to local artists and businesses. After the Open Studio weekends, some studios are open by appointment only.

Click HERE for a map to Sebastopol Center for the Arts.

The 2018 Applications to participate will be available in March and due May 1, 2018.