Free SRJC Class to Explore Sonoma County’s LGBTQI History

Instructor Tina Dungan will offer a free class ‘LGBTQI History:  A Sonoma County Timeline 1960s – 1990’ at Santa Rosa Junior College Wednesday afternoons August 8 through December 19.  You may sign up for the class by contacting the Older Adults Program at 707-527-4533 or by registering at  There is no age limit, but the class is designed for seniors.

The Sonoma County LGBTQI Timeline was created for and displayed at the Sonoma County PRIDE celebration this past June.  Always a work in progress, it represents a start at recording our multi-faceted history.

“Using a discussion group format, we will explore community building, culture and social change as it occurred during a very transformative period in this county as well as in the rest of the country: the late 1960s – 1990,” Ms Dugan said.

Class discussion will revolve around memories evoked by the timeline stories, responses to presentations and topics from readings.  We will also consider how we might apply what we have learned from this history in order to continue to create social change as the need arises in our current and/or future communities.

Although our starting point will be the Sonoma County LGBTQI Timeline, discussion will be oriented toward topics and ideasbehind and inspired by the stories from the Timeline.   No matter where you have lived, those ideas and stories will be meaningful and pertinent to the extent that they capture or allude to the historical spirit of the LGBTQI movement across this country.