RR Sisters HOst Anthem Closet Ball October 6 at R3

It’s that time of the year again! The Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (with a tiny bit of help from Purple Stardust Productions) are throwing a big drag contest. Yes! Closet Ball is coming!
Join us on Friday, October 6th at the R3 Hotel for the 15th incarnation of this amazing show. 
This show is, at its core, an amateur drag competition and fundraiser.

While our contestants, Earl Gilbert, Renee Ledford Combes, Joe Young and Nay Hulsey are the heart and soul of our effort, we’ve got an amazing variety show to entertain y’all while they are getting up in their drags.

Support their fundraising here: https://www.rrsisters.org/closet-ball-2018

After you meet the contestants at the end of our show opening, we’ve got drag kings, several many live singers, drag queens, and of course our Empress of the Microphone, Sister Sara Femme Fatale!
We have our ever growing troupe of local performers joining us, including Tom Orr, Lyra Hawkins, Nicholas Joseph Carrigan, Rodger A. Jensen, Diva D, Matthew Parkhurst, Joseph Bullock, Kara Z’Matick, Peghan Ritual, Kristina McGraw and Buddy Russell.

Traveling from far and wide we have Sister Phyliss, Dean DeeLeit, Mitchell Brothers, Alotta Boutté and Rahni NothingMore.

This show is six months in the making. We’ve poured all we’ve got into giving y’all a great experience.

Every penny you spend on a table, every tip you throw onto the stage, every dollar you tuck into the waistband of a performer… It’s all a fundraiser for the Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Grants Fund.

Buy a seat, buy a table… come on down and join your community for a KICK ASS show.


Need more info? Contact Sister Sara Femme Fatale at sistersara@rrsisters.org