San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Concert Sun. Dec. 16 in Rohnert Park

Sunday, December 16
Home for the Holidays
Sunday, December 16 at 5pm
Green Music Center in Rohnert Park
No one does the holidays better than the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus!
Not only will the Chorus bring 150 dazzling men to this annual holiday tradition, it will be accompanied by a brass quintet and coloratura soprano, Marnie Breckenridge. That written, there is sure to be a lot of brass and sass…
This is the 28th year the Chorus will bring its merriment to Sonoma County in benefit of Face to Face. You don’t want to miss this show.
SFGMC Celebrates its 40th
Tim Seelig, Artist Director
The SFGMC recently celebrated its 40th birthday with a sold-out tribute concert in San Francisco, plus the dedication of an Artist Circle in Golden Gate Park, in part to honor the 300 members the Chorus has lost to HIV/AIDS epidemic.
“Throughout history, a bell or chime or gong has been used in meditation and ceremonies. Our dream included an aural component, since the site is honoring many people who made music a huge part of their lives. The contrabass Emperor Chime is 8½ feet tall. It is cast from anodized aluminum and is characterized by a deep resonant tone that is heard and felt in its reverberation. It is rung with a mallet. It is our hope that when a person visits, they will ring the chime and speak a name of someone they lost. The sound will resonate into the park and beyond.” – Tim Seelig in Poz Magazine