VOTE Tuesday – Our Lives Depend On It

Snapshot from the field

Seven days … to turn out in masses to flip the House and the Senate and elect pro-equality candidates up and down the ballot! In this final countdown, it’s crucial to make sure your friends and family are committed to voting, too — and that when they get to their polling place, they’re voting for candidates and initiatives that support the LGBTQ community.

Talk to them about issues that matter to you … help them learn what’s on their ballot … even offer to go with them or give them a ride. Lending a helping hand to those important people in your life can make all the difference!

Snapshot from the field

HRC President Chad Griffin has travelled to more than 30 key districts in 18 states over the past several weeks to drum up support in must-win races. And in the wake of last week’s explosive New York Times report revealing the administration’s secret plans to “erase” transgender people and exclude LGBTQ people from federal civil rights protections, he recorded a message about how we can use Election Day to counter this latest attack.

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Chad Video

TurnOUT News You Need To Know

We’ve set up a calendar reminder for Election day! All it takes is one click.

Do you know what’s on your ballot? Find out here!

ICYMI: We put out a full-page ad in USA Today and other publications.

HRC Press Secretary Sarah McBride warns Boston: “Remember Proposition 8”.

HRC mailed hundreds of thousands of members & supporters nationwide, encouraging them to #turnOUT.

One Scary Candidate You Should Be Watching

Sen. Ted Cruz

Few senators currently serving in public office are as scary as Ted Cruz and, this year, we are going to send him packing. Cruz has spent his career undermining the rights of LGBTQ people for his own political gain — he is a true enemy of equality, and a Trump-Pence follower who has to go. HRC is proudly supporting his opponent, Beto O’Rourke — and working hard to shut down Cruz come election day.

One Critical Race You Should Be Watching

Sen. Tammy Baldwin

Sen. Tammy Baldwin made history in 2012 as both the first openly LGBTQ senator in U.S history and the first woman senator from Wisconsin. Now, we need to keep her there! Republicans are using every weapon in their arsenal — vicious attack ads, influential conservative donors and hateful rhetoric about her record — to ensure she loses her seat. So, it’s on us to work harder and smarter to turn out Wisconsin voters for her reelection.

RISE UP & HELP OUT; How you can volunteer

In these next 7 days, we need HRC supporters and members to be active participants in their area: knock doors, make calls, volunteer at polls and rallies. This is the most critical time to get those in your community fired up and ready to vote. See what you can do! or use this personalized link to see opportunities near you:

Not in the “going outside” kind of mood? You can make a difference right from your house by making calls for key candidates! Sign up here.


Our team has made a real commitment to this election … with more than 145 HRC staff on the ground leading GOTV efforts in 23 states, training hundreds of local organizers and volunteers across the country and educating voters.

Volunteer Spotlight

“I wanted to make a difference and volunteering with HRC gave me that opportunity.”

— Curtis Hill, HRC Volunteer in Pennsylvania

For a look at more of our volunteers, click here!


Feeling fired up and want to help at this critical time? Contribute to HRC’s election work through HRC’s Equality Votes PAC. We’re on the front lines, fighting tooth and nail to elect pro-equality candidates — but with billionaires backing our opponents, we need more grassroots support.

Show your support for candidates who believe in equalitygive to the HRC Equality Votes PAC today.