News, Events & Ongoing Services at Marin County’s Spahr Center for November

RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT!!The Spahr Center is fortunate to have a large, warm and loyal base of supporters who attend our events, volunteer on a variety of tasks, and make generous donations to help us achieve our life-saving and life-affirming mission. We want to GROW that family in order to accomplish even more and better things for our community moving forward. Will you help us to do that? Learn more

SAVE THE DATE!Click the photo for more info!The Spahr Center revises its logoThe Spahr Center is rightfully proud of its name and logo, which pay homage to our brilliant and accomplished founder, Jane Spahr. The Board of Directors has recently approved a revision to the logo that communicates directly and effectively to a wide audience what our purpose is: to serve Marin’s LGBTQ+ & HIV communities. No more wondering; we are out and proud! Look forward to seeing this updated image on all of our publications, and around town! Donate
Social Support GroupsThe Spahr Center offers a variety of social support groups. Below is a list of the groups, with a short description. Please click any of the groups to learn more!
  Latino Support Group – this group is for Latinos living with or affected by HIV.

Friends and Family of LGBTQ youth – This group is a welcoming and safe place to discuss how to best support our trans and queer youth.Thriving in Marin – this group is for any individual who identifies as a “long-term survivor” of HIV.  

Youth Drop-in Groups – these groups are for any LGBTQ youth  

Caregiver Groups – these groups are for parents/caregivers of gender expansive and/or questioning youth 

Senior Discussion Groups – these are facilitated discussion groups for LGBTQ identified adults of any age.

Men’s Brown Bag Lunch – this is a casual discussion group for men that meet for lunch and discussion.

Women’s Support Group – this group is for women living with or affected by HIV.
Upcoming Outside Events

11/19 – LGBT Senior Game Day – at Sam’s in Novato

11/20 – Quarterly LGBT Senior Luncheon – at The Marin Yacht Club 11/21 – LGBT Senior Breakfast – at Sam’s in Novato

11/21 – Healing w/ Feeling – an Attitudinal Healing Support Group

11/26 – LGBT Women’s Coffee – at Sam’s in Novato