Food for Thought Needs Your Help

We’re all giving up a lot these days, in the name of social distancing for the greater good. But something no one should have to give up is healthy, nutritious food. 

Now more than ever, Food For Thought’s 850 clients, living with HIV and other serious illnesses, are in need of nourishing groceries. And you can help!

COVID-19 has forced the cancellation of the Sonoma County Human Race, which Food For Thought participates in annually. We hoped to raise more than $20,000 through our team of walkers and fundraisers at this year’s event. 

To make up for this loss, we have created the GIVE IT UP campaign. This fun and engaging virtual fundraiser challenges you to give up something you love to eat while raising funds to feed those in need in our community. 
Set up your fundraiser today, it’s easy! 
Simply click the button below to become a fundraiser. Then ask your friends and family to donate in exchange for each day you give up a favorite food item.

Here’s an example of how it works:Kim really, really loves ice cream. And she’s been eating a *lot* of it while she has been sheltering in place. Kim posts her Give It Up! fundraiser on her social media accounts, and her sister Jane donates $10 in exchange for Kim not eating ice cream for a day. Jane gets their whole family on board to donate, and Kim’s college roommates and other Facebook friends pitch in, too. Kim raises $500 (and looks forward to eating ice cream again in late May).
Join us and GIVE IT UP for Food For Thought!
Not interested in giving up something? No problem. Make a donation and support someone else.
Questions?Please contact Dominique Petersen at (707) 887-1647 ext. 126 or