Call To Action: Protesters Not Protected During Arrests Last Night in SR

Last night over 100 folks who attended the vigil were arrested including some HPEACE volunteers. They are being placed in crowded cells, not given any hygiene supplies, and no one is cleaning up bodily fluids. We are hearing that county is planning to keep them up to another 11+ hours in detainment, just for breaking curfew. Many have not been allowed their one phone call to contact loved ones. Police are trying to keep these flaws to basic hygiene and sanitation quiet. THIS IS NOT SAFE.

There are also multiple eyewitness accounts of police officers NOT wearing masks while talking to and arresting protestors. This is also absolutely unacceptable. Masks are important for the protection of others!!!

Please call the Board of Supervisors at (707)565-2241 and attorney Karlene Navarro (707)565-1534 with IOLERO to report the above conditions and state that you are a clinician/concerned citizen and urge them to SPEED UP the process of those detained for curfew violations due to COVID-19 risks.

Please comment below when you have called!!!!

Thank you in advance for your quick response of support for folks fighting to make a change!