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New Book by We the People and www.gaysonoma.com Columnist

Nobody wants to live old, declares long-time We The People columnist Kay Mehl Miller, Ph.D., in her new book Living with the Stranger in Me: An Exploration of Aging. Written as creative non-fiction and classified as self-help, the book is an examination of aging through the experiences, knowledge, and insights of the author. “In writing(…)


Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) presents a free
information session on Saturday, October 15th from 10-11:30 a.m.
at the Center for Spiritual Living, 2075 Occidental Road, Santa Rosa.
Open to everyone.

Ask Dr. Eva Hersh

Dear Dr. Eva,
 I have read that there is a new kind of gonorrhea which is untreatable. Is this true?

Dear …

I Don’t Like Needles!

Okay, so the idea of acupuncture is good, helping the body maximize its natural healing ability with no bad side effects. But getting stuck with needles like a pincushion??? You‰ve got to be kidding! Yes, there are quite a few folk who share this sentiment. I was one of them, even as I started my(…)

Gay and Muslim

Daayiee Abdullah has lived three lifetimes in his 57 years.

Born and raised in a black neighborhood in Detroit, Abdullah graduated high school when he was 15