Governor Allows Parole For Transgender California Inmate

Gov. Jerry Brown is allowing parole for a transgender inmate who is trying to force California to become the first state to pay for sex reassignment surgery. A federal judge in April ordered the state to provide the surgery, which had been scheduled for July. It was delayed after the state appealed. The governor’s office(…)

Press Advisory Decriminalization of Prostitution Press Conference Following Hearing August 7th 2015

First Hearing and Press Conference in Historic Legal Case Challenging California Prostitution Law Laws Against the Commercial Exchange of Consensual, Adult Sexual Activity Challenged as Violations of Privacy, Free Speech, and Freedom of Association Rights WHERE: Oakland Federal Building& U.S. Courthouse, 1301 Clay Street, Oakland, CA 94612 WHEN: Friday August 7, 2015 Hearing: 9:00 a.m.(…)

Positive Images is Seeking Mentors

Positive Images works with carefully selected adults from the LGBTQ community who are willing to make a commitment to the youth community.The mentor is not an assumed parent replacement; rather, he/she is a role model for the youth and a person the youth can talk to and discuss pertinent issues in their lives. With a(…)

Leno Bill Modernizing Digital Privacy Protections Clears Key Hurdle

Legislation that modernizes California’s privacy laws to keep up with emerging technologies passed a key Assembly committee today. Senate Bill 178, authored by Senator Leno, protects Californians against warrantless government access to private electronic communications such as emails, text messages and GPS data that are stored in the cloud and on smartphones, tablets, laptops and(…)

Pride Event BANS Drag Queens in Case They are Offensive

Free Pride Glasgow – which was set up as an “anti-commercialist” alternative to the main Pride Glasgow event – made the decision ahead of the event next month, claiming that despite drag being a uniquely celebrated part of most Pride, they would not be welcome to perform at Free Pride. A statement from the group(…)

Petition forces Finland’s parliament to debate reversing same-sex marriage

An anti-gay petition in Finland has gathered enough signatures to force the parliament there to debate the reversal of the country’s gender-neutral marriage law. The petition gathered 50,000 signatures, the number required to have an issue debated in parliament. It was created by the ‘Association for Real Marriage’ on the citizens’ initiative website, and gained(…)