The Kinsey Sicks Set to Perform Holiday Show in Sonoma County

For 20 years, The Kinsey Sicks, AmericaÅs Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet, have decked the halls with angelic singing, devilish wit, and down-to-earth drag. They have toured internationally and starred in their own Off-Broadway show, ÑDragapella.É THE KINSEY SICKS have been praised for their Ñvoices sweet as birdsongÉ (New York Times) and have been called Ñone act that should not be missedÉ (Variety). According to the San Francisco Chronicle, ÑTheir mangling of hit songs hits genius level.É

Now the group will bring their outrageous holiday musical, OY VEY IN A MANGER, to Sonoma County for one night only as part of their global effort to stamp out holiday cheer. This performance, on December 9 at 7:30 PM, will benefit Congregation Ner Shalom of Cotati.

In addition to being acclaimed for their music, comedy and political satire, The Kinsey Sicks is also the day job of Ner ShalomÅs Spiritual Leader, Reb Irwin Keller. Keller, who originated the character ÑWinnieÉ in the group, finds his combination of careers unremarkable. ÑIÅm lucky,É said Keller, ÑI walk this balance in my life between sacred and profane, sublime and ridiculous. The Kinseys push people to think in new ways, and on the pulpit I try to do the same.É Ner Shalom takes their leaderÅs unorthodox moonlighting in stride. ÑOh my gosh,É said Lorenzo Valensi, Ner Shalom Board member and the synagogueÅs chief musician, Ñhe really does sing better in a dress.É

The Kinseys were spawned in San Francisco in 1993. Combining rich, four-part harmony, biting satire and over-the-top drag, THE KINSEY SICKS have performed in 41 states, Mexico, Canada, Europe and Australia. They starred in their own Off-Broadway show at New YorkÅs Studio 54, have released 8 albums and are the subjects of two feature films. Read more about them at

In their holiday show, OY VEY IN A MANGER, we find Rachel, Winnie, Trixie and Trampolina at home in their manger (yes, that manger) facing imminent foreclosure and preparing for one last-ditch effort to unload the dump on unsuspecting buyers. Crises arise, secrets are revealed, Jewish-Gentile tensions surface like bacon fat in matzahball soup, and mayhem ensues. And all in glorious four-part harmony.

The Washington Post says this about OY VEY IN A MANGER:
In an ecumenical display of wicked joie de vivre, the Kinsey Sicks are sending up everything that’s holy in ÑOy Vey in a Manger,É a raunchily audacious declaration that nothing about the holidays is sacred‡ If you haven’t made the acquaintance of the Kinsey Sicks, it’s high time you did.
OY VEY IN A MANGER boasts unforgivable KINSEY SICKS reinterpretations of holiday classics, such as ÑLusty the Snowman,É ÑSatan BabyÉ and ÑGod Bless Ye Femmy Lesbians.É And what would the holiday season be without a production number in Yiddish?

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