Singer/Songwriter Tom Goss Talks Music, Loving Bears and More

Are you tired of looking for love in all the wrong places? Aren’t you just fed up with those Skinny Jeans Guys with their near perfect plucked eye brows, mannequin hair, and label obsessed sense of style?

Young or Old those Twig-Mates can just bore you to death with some shallow conversation as they pick over their three-spinach leaf dinner. As for romance, when you accidentally bump into them in bed, their blood sugar is so low they’re as cold as a freezer burnt corndog. So what is an alternative?

According to singer-songwriter Tom Goss get yourself a Bear!
Lovable Cuddly Bears come in all ages, colors, shapes, sizes, and they’re 100% natural. Plus there seems to be no shortage of these grizzly buddies. I bet one in a third of the people you meet each day is a Bear or has Bear potential.

In all seriousness, “Bears” is the new song and video from DC based artist Tom Goss and it’s been getting some well-deserved attention since it’s release in early July. With four full-length CDs already to his credit, Goss is currently working on new music and “Bears” is just a sample of the delight that is yet to come.

His tour is now in California, so I thought it would be nice to introduce him to those who are not familiar with his work:

Gaysonoma: How did you come up with this “Bears” song idea? The making of the video seems to have been such a riot.

Tom Goss: I’m not sure how these ideas ever come about, they just do. I’m always thinking of new ways to express myself both musically and visually. I wanted to create something that was big and fun and celebrated the bear community. It really was that simple. I like to have fun, often times being a singer-songwriter means you are expected to be serious and introspective at all times. It was nice to let loose and simply enjoy the process of creating something that would make people smile.

Gaysonoma: Are you concerned that such an upbeat ‘profiled’ gay
project might limit your potential growth towards mainstream markets?

Tom Goss: I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it. Still, at the end of the day, my goal is to create projects that speak to me and to others. I try not to think too far beyond that. I simply set out to create good art, the rest is beyond my control.

Gaysonoma: I’d like to reflect on your previous full CD releases. 2012’s “Lost Songs and Underdogs” has a completely different sound and feel from the new Bears song. It seems to reflect back on your first CD “Naked Without,” but with more intensity. Though the quality was pristine, I felt in some points it lacked a range in levels of emotion. I did however take to the song Stay. It