Pride House International coalition of LGBT sport and human rights organizations react to IOC “that’s so gay” guidelines

Pride House International statement on the International Olympic Committee ‘that’s so gay’ guidelines

As members of the Pride House International coalition we wish to express our grave concerns upon discovering an official internal document of the International Olympic Committee regarding the use of social media.

The document, entitled ‘MODERATION GUIDELINES FOR SOCIAL MEDIA’, until late on the night of 1 August 2013 Lausanne time, was available as a PDF on the website. Like similar documents used by other corporations, such guidelines aim to avoid legal and PR issues for the IOC. In the section on ‘lesbian, gay and bisexual’ persons (no reference is made to trans persons), the document stated:

It is acceptable for a user to refer to his/her sexuality as gay, however we need to be careful with potentially defamatory posts accusing someone else of being gay