Pit Stop Masterfully Reveals Gay Lives in Small Town Texas

In the 80s there was a very popular country song called ãAll My Exes Live in Texas,ä which could very well be the theme song of the perfectly crafted and poignantly touching new film ãPit Stop.ä The fallout of broken relationships and the hopes that one will endure to love again not matter the odds, is the thread that tethers each character, whether lead or bit part, to the small town reality in which theyâve decided to live. Gabe (Bill Heck) has made the choice to maintain a relationship with his ex-wife Shannon (Amy Seimetz) to help raise their daughter, despite having come out. Ernesto (Marcus DeAnda) deals with both an ex lover Luis (Alfredo Maduro) who still lives in his house and another ex hwho is in a coma after a car accident. Director Yen Tan, who also wrote the screenplay along with David Lowery, reveals the what makes his leads tick by not only focusing on them, but exploring those whose lives they have touched, effected, and been changed by. The film is refreshingly non-sensationalistic in content and execution.

The acting is suburb across the credit list, as actors allow their characters both human flaws and dignity. A spurned lover, longing for intimacy with another man who no longer loves him, tells his online hook-up reveals this truth, after which they yearn for better queer lives in the big city. A sensitive teacher releases his date may not be the best match, falls asleep during a foreign film, but the pair share their lifeâs lessons, both stinging and enlightening. A nervous divorced mother drinks too much on her date with a co-worker and moves to fast sexually, while the man has enough sense to put on the breaks and thus reveal his gentle character. A sick manâs sister confesses family secrets, regretful actions on her part, and her brotherâs flaws to the manâs lover, who was spurned, but remains devoted to the man he once loved. ãPit Stopä is an exercise in character development, without a missed step of emotional growth. Each perfectly crafted scene peels away a layer of fa