Gays Can Be Good Parents, But Same-Sex Marriage Is Still Unjust, Says U.K. Catholic Church

As the U.K. government prepares for its first-ever vote on marriage equality, the Catholic Church in England and Wales conceded in a recent statement that gay couples can make good parents; however, the Church, which is vehemently opposed to same-sex unions, maintained that gay marriage is “unjust” and should not be legalized.

The concession, which U.K.-based Pink News called a “surprising acknowledgement,” was included this week in a document submitted to Parliament urging legislators to vote against same-sex marriage. Ultimately, despite some gentle words, the Church was unequivocal in its condemnation of marriage equality.

From the Church’s briefing on same-sex marriage:

We recognize that many same sex couples raise children in loving and caring homes. Nevertheless, marriage has an identity that at its core is distinct from any other legally recognized relationship, no matter how much love or commitment may be involved in these other relationships