Fourplay Explores Sexual Intimacy with Flare

Director Kyle Henry explores four aspects of sexuality, which some might describe as kink, with his engaging latest film ãFourplay.ä Teaming up with two talented screenwriters, Carlos Trevino and Jessica Hedrick, Henry delves deep into human sexuality with four distinct tales in four different parts of the country. A closeted lesbian Christian woman lusts after her fellow married choir-member in snow-covered Skokie, Illinois. A sexy straight boho couple attempts to spice up their love life in Austin. A closeted chubby Christian gay guy seeks sex in a mallâs restroom in Tampa. Meanwhile, here in the Bay Area, a transgender call girl is called to a trick that proves to be transformative.

Marcy, played with charm and wit by Sara Sevigny, canât take her eyes off the object of her desire, Gail, in choir practice and jumps at the chance to dog-sit for the object of her lust while she and her husband take off for the weekend. The terrier is a terror, but Marcy grows to tolerate her more and more. Marcy fantasizes about Gail non-stop and when she experiences one especially erotic dream, Marcy begins to wonder what roll the affectionate pooch played in her climax. The segment explores the subject of sexual displacement with site gags, word play, and clever camera work, blending humor and humanity.

In Austin, Lily, played with nice emotional range by Danielle Rene, and her wannabe chef boyfriend Kal, played by the hunky Atticus Rowe, are on the verge of making that ultimate commitment, but heâs not sure heâs ready to take that leap. Kal just needs some sexy time with his girlfriend, but Lilyâs sister and infant son are crashing at her place. After an argument during which Kal accuses Lily of being boring, Lily disappears into an Adult Bookstore and seems transformed when Kal finally corners her flipping through a porn magazine. Heâs not sure what to make of her, but he is intrigued, especially when she heads off into the arcade. The lights are low, gay men are cruising and getting down, and porn flickâs soundtracks provide an audio assault. The couple comes together in a booth and while enjoying the hottest sex of their lives a decision is made.

Even in Florida, gay men ö closeted or otherwise ö know where they can always find a little sexual action in the mallâs restroom or ãtearoomä as they were called in the early days of gay lib. Luis, perfectly fleshed out by Jose Villarreal, is a twenty-something closeted Catholic chub who heads to the mall for an evening of sexual possibilities. Heâs a tad na