Rome’s Mayor Registers 16 Same-Sex Marriages Despite Law Banning Recognition


The mayor of Rome transcribed 16 same-sex couples’ marriages onto the city’s registers Saturday despite the fact that Italy does not allow for the recognition of such unions, Bloomberg reports. All 16 couples had been legally married in another country.

 Mayor Ignazio Marino described the occasion on Twitter as “a special day that I hope will soon become a normal day,” adding that his administration “wants to write the future” by recognizing relationships “based on love.”

Interior Minister Angelino Alfano was quick to condemn Marino’s actions, describing the registrations as “not possible” under Italian law and having thus “no legal value.” He went as far as suggesting that all Marino had done was give the couples his autograph.

Marino is not the first mayor to register same-sex couples’ marriages, as Milan and Bologna have similarly taken the symbolic measure. Earlier this month, Alfano called for all same-sex marriages to be cancelled and removed from municipal registries, suggesting that if the cities don’t comply, the federal government may step in.

Marino had promised a civil union registry at the 20th Annivesary Rome Gay Parade this summer. He tweeted a picture of one of the couples and their family, asking, “How can you not call this love?”