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Study Reveals New Suicide Prevention Strategies for LGBTQI Youth

Homosexual, bisexual, and transgender youth tend to have a higher risk for suicide-related thoughts and behaviors, but research on interventions to prevent suicide among sexual and gender minority (SGM) youth has been limited. New research should focus on interventions specifically targeted to SGM youth and their unique and diverse challenges, including health needs, according to(…)

Texas Attorney General has Dinner with 8-year-old Trans Boy, Still Attacking LGBT Rights

  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton accepted an invite to have dinner with a transgender 8-year-old whose rights he is trying to attack. The right-wing Republican lawmaker has dedicated much of his career to launching lawsuits aimed at blocking LGBT rights protections. Paxton this year launched a case that blocked an Obama administration directive protecting transgender students(…)

EQCA’s Legislative Wrap-up: Eight Wins for LGBT Equality

Before adjourning last week, the California Legislature passed the final bill of Equality California’s 2016 legislative package, a total of eight bills and resolutions sponsored by the organization to win approval since the beginning of the 2016 legislative session. Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 26 passed August 31 with a final, unanimous vote by the Senate.(…)

New Study Shows States with Best/Worst Health Care and CA Doesn’t Do Well

  Major insurers such as Aetna, Humana and UnitedHealthcare recently announced their exit from state-sponsored insurance exchanges while the uninsured rate has fallen to a historic low, bringing into question the cost and quality of health care in America. With such developments in mind, the personal-finance Web site WalletHub conducted an in-depth analysis of 2016’s(…)