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Duterte Pardons US Marine Who Killed Trans Woman

NBC News reports: Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday pardoned a United States Marine convicted of killing a transgender woman in the country nearly six years ago, sparking condemnation from activists who described the move as a “mockery of justice.” Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton was jailed in 2015 for killing Jennifer Laude near a former(…)

Happening this Month at Marin’s LGBT Spahr Center

The Spahr Center is opening its Food Pantry to seniors who need support in meeting their nutrition needs. Items such as fresh meats, eggs and dairy, prepared meals, pasta, sauces, and canned goods are delivered weekly to people who sign up. Contact The Spahr Center for more information: info@thespahrcenter.org or 415/457.2487(I’m sorry, I listed the phone number incorrectly(…)