Smoking, Drinking Rates Higher for LGBTs: Study

New data just released from the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 39 percent of LGB adults said they had used some type of illicit drug over the past year compared to about 17 percent of straight respondents, HealthDay News reports. About 15 percent of LGB adults said they’d battled substance(…)

A Big New Study On Bisexuality Offers Mixed Results and Other Health News

LGBT HealthLink LGBT HealthLink is a community-driven network of experts and professionals enhancing LGBT health by eliminating tobacco use, reduce cancer, and understand other health realities within our communities. Big Bi Study Finds Mixed Results A study of U.S. adults found that many people neither agreed nor disagreed with stereotypical statements such as “bisexuality is(…)

ACLU, Lambda Legal File Brief to Protect All Transgender People Harmed by HB 2

In a lawsuit challenging the North Carolina law banning transgender people from using restrooms that correspond to their gender identity, LGBT rights groups yesterday asked a federal appeals court to broaden a preliminary injunction in order to protect all transgender people in the state from discrimination. In August, a district court issued a preliminary injunction(…)

Federal Judge Smacks Down Attempt to Discriminate Against Transgender Student

  There have been many fights over transgender rights across the country, but the showdown in Illinois’ District 211 has been particularly ugly. After “Student A” successfully fought the school for access to the same locker room other girls used, a group of anonymous students turned around and sued, claiming that her access caused them(…)

Leading LGBT Entrepreneur Organization to Launch First-of-its-kind Online Community

StartOut, a national non-profit organization that supports, educates and connects LGBTQ entrepreneurs, today announced the launch of its online platform, the StartOut Community. It is designed to address the multifaceted needs of LGBTQ entrepreneurs. The primary goals of this digital portal are to accelerate the ability of LGBTQ founded and run companies to reach sustainable(…)

HRC and Leading Pediatric Organizations on Transgender Youth Guide

  The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation joined with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians (ACOP), which together represent more than 66,000 pediatricians and pediatric specialists across the country, to release Supporting and Caring for Transgender Children, a new guide for community members and allies to ensure that(…)

Health Care Startup Delivers STD Testing Door-to-door

Less than half of adults aged 18 to 44 have been tested for an STD other than HIV. With millions infected every year, the need for an alternative that will make testing easier and more convenient for those at risk is critical. Healthcare startup Medcinity announces the launch of GetTested, a new at-home STD screening(…)