Oklahoma School Cancels Classes After Parents Threaten Violence Against Trans Student: “A Sharp Knife Will Do The Trick”

Oklahoma City’s Fox affiliate reports: Several law enforcement agencies have stepped in after parents made threats to harm a 12-year-old Achille Public Schools student on social media last week. 12-year-old Achille Schools transgender student Maddie’s mother Brandy Rose says her family moved to Achille from Sherman when Maddie was in 5th grade. “She’s been living(…)

Positive Image to Host Meeting About LGBTQI Mental Health

As I’m sure you know, even though we live in a fairly progressive county, there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure our LGBTQ community members are getting the resources, support, and respect we deserve. We are currently working on a policy map to identify all the areas in Sonoma County(…)

What’s Happening at The Spahr Center

New HIV Client Advisory Committee The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that they have completed the process of interviewing and appointing client to the new HIV Advisory Committee. Nine clients have been appointed to serve on the committee, as well as one alternate in case someone has to step-down. Committee members will serve(…)