Biden To Court LGBTQ Voters In Battleground States

CBS News reports: Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign is launching a nationwide voter outreach effort in June to coincide with Pride Month and engage millions of LGBTQ voters ahead of the November presidential election, campaign officials tell CBS News. The coordinated outreach — dubbed “Out for Biden”— will target the estimated 11 million LGBTQ voters(…)

Police Union Chief who Excuses White Killer Cops Says it’s Trans People’s Fault He’s not Getting a Raise

The chief of the Minneapolis police union has blamed trans people for the city’s budget problems during the coronavirus pandemic, and said they’re the reason he won’t get his raise. Lieutenant and Trump-supporter Bob Kroll, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, has recently been slammed for defending the four officers involved in the killing(…)

4chan Trolls Plan Attacks On Virtual Pride Month Events

Vice Media reports: Trolls are planning to disrupt Pride month celebrations, which have become uniquely vulnerable this year because of coronavirus, with the vast majority taking place online. The plan was hatched in May on 4chan’s /pol/ (Politically Incorrect) discussion board. From the 1st June, when Pride month started, they instructed people to drop a “shitton(…)