Death Certificates Ordered In Gay Marriages

 Gay marriage has been a hot topic in and out of courtrooms for the past several years. Another issue is being fixed to help those who lost loved ones before the epic court ruling. Florida widows and widowers whose spouses died before the U.S. Supreme Court declared state bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional can have(…)

Kentucky Governor Signs Anti-LGBTQ SB 17 into Law

  Matt Bevin | Photo: Gage Skidmore Today, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin signed SB 17 into law, a measure that allows student groups at colleges, universities, and high schools to discriminate against LGBTQ students. SB 17 undermines inclusive “all comers” policies at public colleges, universities, and now high schools, by allowing student organizations to discriminate(…)

ACLU Seeks Documents from Trump Administration on Plans for Permitting Discrimination Against Women, LGBT Community

The American Civil Liberties Union has today demanded documents from four federal agencies concerning a potential executive order that would sanction religiously motivated discrimination against LGBT people, members of minority faiths, women, and people seeking reproductive health care. “The American people deserve to know whether this administration plans to protect the rights of all Americans(…)

The Southern REACH Initiative Awards $1.4 Million in Funding to 23 Organizations in the Deep South

Through the generous support of the Ford Foundation, 23 organizations in nine Deep South states heavily impacted by HIV/AIDS will receive critical support to fight the HIV epidemic by addressing the disparities and social injustices that fuel the epidemic. By adopting an intersectional approach, Southern REACH grantees will advance the rights, health and dignity of(…)

Vermont Leads States in LGBT Identification

Vermont tops a new ranking of states by the portion of adults in 2015 and 2016 who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) at 5.3%. Massachusetts (4.9%), California (4.9%), Oregon (4.9%) and Nevada (4.8%) round out the top five. The District of Columbia’s 8.6% LGBT exceeds that of any of the states.(…)

Donald Trump Signs Police Enforcement Executive Orders Which Threatens LGBT Comunity

President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he had signed three executive orders that stand  to significantly increase the criminalization and incarceration of some of the nation’s most vulnerable populations by broadening law enforcement agencies’ powers. “Trump’s executive orders that expand the discretionary power of police enforcement are a clear attack on freedom, justice and equality.(…)

Oklahoma State Legislature Lines Up Eight Anti-LGBTQ Bills

A barrage of anti-LGBTQ bills are being pushed in the Oklahoma state legislature by anti-equality activists. With state lawmakers set to convene Feb. 6th for the 2017 legislative session, at least eight bills attacking LGBTQ Oklahomans and their families are already in the docket for consideration — the most of any state in the nation.(…)

HRC Opposes the Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court

Neil Gorsuch The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) announced its opposition to President Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court of the United States. “Never in the history of our movement have we had more at stake as a community, or as a country,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “Since the moment he(…)