HRC Highlights California’s LGBT Protections, Laws and Legislative Proposals in National Report

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in partnership with the Equality Federation, today released its second annual national report assessing the status of state legislation affecting LGBT equality across America, including in California. The State Equality Index (SEI) reveals that, even with historic progress on marriage equality, there are extraordinary state-to-state disparities in LGBT non-discrimination protections,(…)

New Report Connects Religious Exemptions from LGBT Equality to Historic Efforts to Deny Civil Rights

The Leadership Conference Education Fund will release its report, Striking a Balance: Advancing Civil and Human Rights While Preserving Religious Liberty, documenting how the religious arguments commonly used today against LGBT equality have been used to oppose the abolition of slavery, women’s suffrage and equality, racial integration, inter-racial marriage, immigration, the Americans with Disabilities Act,(…)

Women Allege Illegal Strip Searches While Held In Immigration Detention

Thirty-one women currently held in an immigration detention facility in California — 14 of them transgender — filed a complaint with federal and local authorities on Monday alleging they were subjected to humiliating, invasive strip searches in violation of state law and federal policy. The women are detained at the Santa Ana City Jail, where(…)

Equality Federation Launches New Tools to Combat Tide of Anti-LGBTQ Legislation Washing Across the U.S.

Equality Federation launched the Legislative Action Center (LAC). The LAC will empower state-based LGBTQ organizations to hold their ground during turbulent state legislative sessions while also winning nondiscrimination protections and other important policy advances for LGBTQ people and their families. With these new tools, Equality Federation can anticipate committee hearings, floor votes, and other important(…)