Imperial Royalty Crowned in San Francisco

The Court of Tamales con Pollo San Francisco Imperial Coronation 54 February 23, 2019 Her Most Imperial Majesty, The Razor-Tongue Beacon of Hope, Unity, Sass & Service, Her Most Imperial H.U.S.S., The Reigning Empress, Pollo Del Mar His Most Imperial Majesty, The Teal Mariachi, Golden Bear, Protector of the People Emperor, The Reigning Emperor, Leandro(…)

San Francisco Leaders Join Senator Wiener in Support of New State Bill to Expand Conservatorship Laws to Help Mentally Ill and Drug-Addicted People Dying on California’s Streets

Today, San Francisco leaders joined together at a press conference to support a new bill authored by Senators Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Henry Stern (D-Canoga Park) to expand and strengthen California conservatorship laws by giving counties broader reach and more flexibility to help those who cannot care for themselves and who are dying on(…)