Exclusive Interview

First-time Director Mikki del Monico Sings Out About “Alto” His Fabulous Lesbian Mob Story which Redefines Rom-Com

In director Mikki del Monico’s “Alto”Rising singer-songwriter Francesca “Frankie” Del Vecchio (Diana DeGarmo) is engaged to her promising musical career and to frozen-food entrepreneur Tony, happily devoted in equal measure to traditional Italian-American culture, her famiglia, and Mom’s lasagna. Frankie’s bella vita is perfectly peaceful—until a dead body shows up in the trunk of her(…)

Director Michael J. Saul Talks About His Stunning First Feature and Frameline

In Michael J. Saul’s “The Surface” an aimless young man happens upon a yard sale, where he’s drawn to a vintage 8mm camera. His impromptu purchase awakens unexpected impulses, both artistic and personal, which adjust his life’s course and set him on unfamiliar paths toward illuminating destinations. Evan—played with great delicacy by lithe newcomer Harry(…)