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Supreme Court Hears Historic Same-sex Marriage Arguments

Pivotal Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy asked skeptical questions of both sides Tuesday as the high court heard historic arguments over the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry. Kennedy, whose vote could decide the issue, said marriage has been understood as one man and one woman for “millennia-plus time.” He said same-sex marriage(…)

Coming Out As Gay In Elementary School

  Kate Reese, a 13-year-old living in Reno, Nevada, used to think there was something wrong with her. “I began realizing I wasn’t necessarily straight when I was around 5 or 6,” Reese said. “I saw girls holding hands and thought, I could go for that. Girls were just more interesting.” Reese may have gone(…)

How The Supreme Court Will Make Their Decision On Marriage Equality

Well, the time has finally arrived. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in four cases consolidated under the name Obergefell v. Hodges. By the end of June, the Court is widely expected to hand down a decision declaring that anti-gay marriage discrimination violates the Constitution. Indeed, this outcome is so widely expected(…)


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Lights, Cabaret, Action: REVUE Takes Center Stage at Graton Casino

This Memorial Day Weekend, drag is the new Saturday in the North Bay thanks to the star-studded debut of REVUE on Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24 at The Event inside Graton Resort & Casino. Presented by Duane Wells’ LivingWells Lifestyle Events and Graton Resort & Casino in Sonoma County, true to its namesake,(…)

Marin Nuns Walk Out of School to Protest Gay Rights Group

The nuns at Marin Catholic High in Kentfield walked out their classes in protest over gay non-profit sponsoring anti-bullying Day of Silence. The divisions within the Bay Area’s Catholic community over gay rights hit Marin Catholic High School full force the other day, when a group of nuns walked out of their classes to protest(…)

Gay Couple Buys Johnson’s Beach

We are three weeks into spring. Easter has come and gone in a strange mix of green and gray, bluster and beauty. Summer, supposedly, is on the way. There’s no denying that weather has gone weird on us. We may need to call up memories to get into our summer mode. We can start with(…)

LGBT Civil Rights Doc to Screen in Santa Rosa

Thanksgiving Lutheran Church is showing an historic LGBT civil rights documentary, “Lewd & Lascivious” on April 11. Would you be interested in interviewing people involved? Here is the press release: LEWD & LASCIVIOUS is a one hour documentary that recounts what has become known as the New Year’s Day eve 1965 police raid on California(…)

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Sexy Leads Drive Indie “Beautiful Something”

Four gay men of different generations are searching for love, and much more, one cold winter’s night in Philadelphia and this is the story of how their paths cross until the morning breaks. Brian is a 30-something-year-old writer who is at the end of his tether as he has been unable to write a single(…)

“Drink Me” Offers Twist on the Whole Vampire Thing

Last year Richard Mansfield brought us the odd but sometimes effective The Secret Path, and now it’s the turn of his husband, Daniel, to direct a gay-themed Brit Flick, Drink Me. Both movies share being on the verge of the supernatural, as well having a love of somewhat perplexing horror, but while Secret Path was(…)

State News

California Cities Prepare to Celebrate Harvey Milk Day

The sixth annual observation of Harvey Milk Day is fast approaching, and several cities are already preparing celebrations to mark the occasion. The state of California held the first Milk Day on May 22, 2010 to coincide with the birthday of the first out politician elected to public office in the Golden State. In 1977(…)

Statue of Astronaut and Lesbian Sally Ride to Replace Statue of Missionary

The Catholic Church’s first Latino pope is on the verge of canonizing Junipero Serra, the 18th century Spanish missionary who brought Christianity to California and built the first of the state’s famed missions. Figuratively, however, the state Senate’s Latino leadership, including President Pro Tem Kevin de León, is thumbing its collective nose at Pope Francis(…)