Registration Opens for Wildwood’s Fall Men’s Festival


The Wildwood Conservation Foundation & Retreat Center will be hosting its 9th Annual Fall Men’s Festival Thursday, September 18 through Sunday, September 21, 2014. Wildwood, located in the hills above Guerneville, California, is a non-profit sanctuary created and sustained by gay men for healing, transformation and spiritual growth. “The intention of the Fall Men’s Festival is, first and foremost, to build community,” says Darrel Richey, Chairman of the board for the Wildwood Conservation Foundation. “It’s also a sampling of the type of men’s workshops we have throughout the year like yoga, massage, and erotic work.” This year’s activities include workshops like Erotic Body Reunion, Modern Dance, Naked Yoga, and Gay Numerology to name just a few. Participants are free to join any of the workshops or just spend time relaxing by the pool or exploring Wildwood’s 200 acres of woods, fields, and streams.

According to Richey, “The festival weekend is about balancing the workshops with fun activities like dancing, hiking, etc. The Saturday evening Poolside Cock/Tail Party and Cabaret Night are great community builders and always a highlight of the festival!” The Fall Men’s Festival is Wildwood’s marquee event and all proceeds support the retreat center in its aim of providing a safe and sacred space for gay men. “Wildwood has a rich history of being a sanctuary and a place of healing for gay men,” says Richey. “From the early days of carefree sex in the 1970s, to the time of fear in the early AIDS pandemic, and all the way up to the present day, Wildwood has given gay men opportunities which really don’t exist elsewhere. The land itself is healing. There is something quite profound and, dare I say, mystical about Wildwood.”

The cost of attending the weekend is $495.00 all-inclusive ($395.00 if you bring your own tent) with meals prepared by Wildwood’s resident chef. Men can register for the event by going to: More Information

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About Wildwood The Wildwood Conservation Foundation & Retreat Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Covering more than 200 acres of woodlands near Guerneville, California, the property has been used as a retreat for gay men since the late 1970s. Wildwood’s mission is to be a sanctuary created and sustained by gay men for healing, transformation and spiritual growth. For additional information visit: