Gay Adoption Comes to Portugal As Parliament Overturns Presidential Veto

Portugal legalized same-sex marriage in 2010, but a right-leaning Parliament who prevented couples from adopting made the country an outsider in the marriage equality movement. The 2015 elections ushered in what’s called the Left Bloc majority in the Portuguese Assembly and the Bloc made the adoption bill one of their first priorities since being sworn in.

Together with members of the ruling coalition, the gay adoption bill was passed in December of 2015, but the out-going president vetoed it in late January. 116 votes in favor were needed for a successful overturn of the veto and the undeterred members of Parliament today raked in support from 137 of the 230 Assembly seats, including votes from the President’s party. Since no changes were made to the bill, President Aníbal Cavaco Silva is now constitutionally obligated to sign the bill within 8 days of its arrival on his desk.