Here TV Announces Premiere of First Original Game Show, ‘Modd Couples’

LGBT television network, Here TV has announced the premiere of its first original game show, Modd Couples. The show, hosted by Emmy-nominated Here TV personality David Millbern and comedian Olivia Harewood, features two couples – one gay and one straight – battling it out over three rounds to win fabulous prizes. All six episodes are available now on Here TV as well as on various streaming services including Here TV’s Hulu channel and YouTube Premium channel.

Modd Couples is really a comedy dressed up like a retro ’70s game show but with a fresh twist…STRAIGHT vs. GAY, where all couples are equally hilarious!” says host and producer David Millbern.

Modd Couples brings couples together to prove how well they know one another. Over the course of each episode the couples rely on how well they know each other as they compete across three rounds of play with escalating challenges. The result: some of the most hilarious and unexpected antics on TV.  The three competitive rounds include:

  • Couples Speak – One person from a couple is given a word or phrase and must get their partner to guess it by using only their own unique references. Before guessing, however, the opposing couple has a chance to steal the point if they can guess the word or phrase first.
  • That’s Super Awkward – During this second round, one person from each couple is pulled away by Olivia to dance, drink, and party to the music coming from their headphones. Their respective partners are then asked intimate, funny questions about their relationship. They then answer how they think their partner will answer. Once reunited, the couples guess and reveal their answers. During this segment, Olivia also heads out to the street to get some person-on-the-street answers from the public.
  • The Lightning List – Round three begins with the “Kiss Off” segment, where the couples get intimate by kissing for 10 seconds. David and Olivia then judge which couple had the hottest kiss, and that couple begins the final round. Both couples then compete to give the correct answers to survey questions as asked to Internet participants. For example, according to, name the top answers given to a specific question.

After the couples complete three rounds of play, whichever couple earned the most points wins a fantastic prize package.

“Here TV continues to push beyond traditional television boundaries and create authentic and entertaining programs. That’s why we’re so excited to present our first game show. Modd Couples is funny and unpredictable, with mainstream appeal because it really shows that, gay or straight, couples are very much the same,” notes John Mongiardo, Here TV’s Senior Vice President, Programming Operations.

Modd Couples was created by Paul Colichman, Millbern, and Terry Ray. Colichman and Stephen P. Jarchow are the Executive Producers. Millbern is the Producer and directs the series along with Mike Scantlan.