Xfinity Launches ‘LGBT Film & TV Collection’

Xfinity has launched a new range of content for LGBT viewers.

Named the Xfinity LGBT Film & TV Collection the content will be a community-driven library of over 800+ titles featuring LGBT characters and storylines, with new content incorporated weekly.

Launching the service, Friday Jean-Claire Fitschen, executive director, Multicultural Services at Xfinity said, “We are proud the collection provides a home for some of the community’s most important and unique stories. Our customers can easily access the Xfinity LGBT Film & TV Collection both On Demand and at X1 users can also search and discover the entire catalog by simply speaking “LGBT” into the X1 voice remote.”

“The Xfinity LGBT Film & TV Collection includes Love Stories, Coming Out Stories, Inspirational Stories, Documentaries, International and Award Winners and while not strictly LGBTQ, we also have the always-enjoyable Cult Classics,” continued Fitschen. “There is much more to enjoy, for example, the Strong Women collection was added at the request of our customers and has rapidly become one of our top performing categories.

“Growing up with friends and family who lived the majority of their lives in the closet afraid to come out, telling these stories means a tremendous amount to me personally. For years, I witnessed those closest to me unable to work and live in the world in their true, authentic selves, much less turn on the television or go to the movies and find positive representations of LGBT people on the screen. The availability of diverse stories with LGBT representation has fostered deeper understanding within my own family of the experiences and events that have shaped our lives.”

The collection can be accessed at: