College Choice Releases 2017 Ranking of the 50 Best Colleges for LGBTQ Students

College Choice, a leading authority in college and university rankings and resources, has published a ranking of the 50 Best Colleges for LGBTQ Students.

Choosing a college is an overwhelming process in and of itself. But for LGBTQ identified folks, the task is all the more intimidating. To succeed academically it’s important to succeed socially; it’s important to think holistically about well-being while in school. College Choice has attempted to assuage some of the difficulty in the search by researching the country’s fifty best colleges and universities for LGBTQ students.

“After determining what are the best schools for LGBTQ students, we also took a look at statistics to ensure high student retention rates as well as general academic and professional success of students at these schools,” Christian Amondson, Managing Editor of College Choice, said of the ranking. “We want LGBTQ students, like all other students, to thrive personally and academically at the college where they enroll.”

College Choice developed its list by looking at data from individual college websites, the Campus Pride Index, U.S. News and World Report, and the National Center for Education Statistics.

The ranking for the 50 Best Colleges for LGBTQ Students finds Princeton University in the top spot. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is in second, and University of Wisconsin Eau Claire rounds out the top three. The University of California San Diego came in at #19 and San Diego State University came in at #34.

The entire ranking, listed in alphabetical order, is as follows:

Bridgewater State University

Case Western Reserve University

Cornell University

Duke University

Harvey Mudd College

Indiana University

Johns Hopkins University

Kansas State University

Lehigh University

Macalester College


New York University

Northern Kentucky University

Northwestern University

Oberlin College

Ohio State University

Pennsylvania State University

Princeton University

Rutgers, State University of New Jersey

San Diego State University

Southern Illinois University

Southern Oregon University

Stony Brook University

Tufts University


UMass Amherst

University of Arizona

University of California Davis

University of California San Diego

University of California Santa Barbara

University of Central Florida

University of Colorado at Boulder

University of Connecticut

University of Houston

University of Iowa

University of Maine

University of Maryland College Park

University of Michigan

University of Minnesota Morris

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

University of Oregon

University of Pennsylvania

University of Southern California

University of Texas Austin

University of Washington

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

University of Wisconsin Green Bay

Washington State University

Washington University St. Louis

Williams College

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