This Fall, INNdulge Palm Springs Encourages Men To Let Their Inhibitions Fall at NAKED ARTISTS & FRIENDS WEEKEND


INNdulge, a leading gay resort in Palm Springs, is inviting men to get in touch with their bodies and spirits this fall at NAKED ARTISTS & FRIENDS WEEKEND; three  fun days of uninhibited camaraderie under the hot desert sun.   NY artist Shungaboy will lead the  festivities that include Naked Figure Drawing, a Naked Hike in the desert, Naked Yoga and relaxation by the pool.  “All activities are optional, so men can enjoy the weekend at their own pace,” says Shungaboy.  “It will also be a judgment-free weekend, meaning weight, fitness level, penis size and drawing skills don’t matter!”  NAKED ARTISTS & FRIENDS WEEKEND takes place at INNdulge Palm Springs beginning Friday, Sept 29 and continues through Sunday, Oct 1, with an optional day on Thursday, Sept 28 for those who want to start the weekend early.
“As we navigate through our busy lives in these tech-driven times, it is important for men to be in touch with their bodies and spirits,” explains Shungaboy from his home in New York.  “A deeper understanding of ourselves enables men to steer through the distractions and obstacles of life and work toward achieving our dreams and goals.”
“Being naked also peels away the outer layer most of us use to deceive ourselves and  it encourages us to love who we truly are,” he adds.
The weekend’s signature activity is Naked Figure Drawing, a process that requires mental concentration.   Artists need to be able to focus on the naked model and translate his figure into pencil lines on a piece of paper.  The drawing itself isn’t the important thing; it’s the internal journey of the artist.  Still, with time and practice, drawing skills do improve and Shungaboy is there to provide one-on-one drawing instruction to anyone seeking guidance.   Sketchpads and pencils are provided, though guests may bring their own art materials.
Unlike traditional drawing groups, where the model is naked and the artists are clothed, everyone is naked at NAKED ARTISTS & FRIENDS WEEKEND.  It encourages a camaraderie not found in traditional groups. Additionally, as there is no hired model; guests take turns posing for each other.  Anyone interested in posing is encouraged to give it a try.  “It’s empowering and a lot of fun!” says Shungaboy.
The Naked Hike allows men to commune with nature in the vast California desert.   “It’s liberating to feel the breeze on your skin while trekking through the dramatic desert landscape with its immense flora and rocks,” says Shungaboy.  Local members of the Naked Hiking in Palm Springs hiking club will lead the morning expedition.  Of course, sun block, good walking shoes, a hat, and plenty of water are musts.
Following the hike, guests may choose to enjoy Naked Yoga.  It’s a wonderful way for men to stretch out their muscles after the invigorating excursion.   Then men may decide between sliding into the pool or hot tub or they can opt for Naked Massage.   Massage is not included in the package cost, however, local masseur Larry is offering a discounted rate for in-room massages for attendees staying at INNdulge.
For those who want to venture on their own, away from the group, that’s ok too.  There’s plenty to do in Palm Springs: from the springs to the golf courses and spas, to hiking along the numerous hidden trails in the Coachella Valley.  There are also tons of gay bars, restaurants and nightclubs and the shopping cannot be beat, with major retailers in Downtown Palm Springs and on El Paseo Drive in Palm Desert.
Since the 1920s, the vintage resort town, world renowned for its midcentury-modern architecture, has been the desert playground for gay men and women.  50s-era stars like Rock Hudson and Tab Hunter made Palm Springs their second home because the town allowed them to escape the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and enjoy sexual freedom without fear of being outed.  It is that same sexual freedom that continues to be a popular draw for gay travelers today.
NAKED ARTISTS & FRIENDS WEEKEND is sex-positive but it’s not a sex party. Says Shungaboy, “We believe erections are natural and we welcome them at any time.”
NAKED ARTISTS & FRIENDS WEEKEND will take place at INNdulge, a spectacular clothing-optional resort that has enjoyed a 21-year history in Palm Springs.  It’s popular for its epic mountain views, marvelous courtyard with immaculately landscaped lawns and large sculptures, as well as its magnificent kidney-shaped pool and 12-man keyhole whirlpool spa.  Jon Jackson and his partner purchased the property six years ago.
Shungaboy started NAKED ARTISTS & FRIENDS as an alternative to traditional figure drawing groups, but the therapeutic aspect at INNdulge inspired him to build a weekend of it. “Palm Springs is an ideal escape from the chaotic daily life most of us endure,” he explains. “This will be a time to connect with other men and recharge our spiritual batteries.”
For those who may feel reluctant to attend a nudist weekend, Shungaboy understands.  “It’s perfectly natural as we have all been ingrained by media and society to be insecure about our bodies.  We’re all friends at NAKED ARTISTS & FRIENDS WEEKEND, so c’mon and dive in!  You’ll be glad you did.”
NAKED ARTISTS & FRIENDS WEEKEND at INNdulge Palm Springs takes place Sept 29-Oct 1, 2017. Optional early arrival on Sept 28.  Register for NAKED ARTISTS & FRIENDS WEEKEND at  Out of town attendees can book their room at