Supervisor Sues Christian University Over Alleged Cover-up of Anti-gay Violence

Azusa Pacific University (“APU”), a Christian university in Southern California, is being sued by an employee who allegedly suffered severe and unlawful retaliation after complaining about anti-gay violence and harassment.

Mahesh Pradhan, a chef and supervisor at APU, alleges that he was subjected to repeated physical violence and verbal abuse by other APU employees who perceived him as gay.  Mr. Pradhan alleges that he was physically assaulted in a restroom, had a large wooden paddle repeatedly thrust between his buttocks, and was called faggot and other derogatory terms.

According to Pradhan’s attorney, Arthur Kim, APU refused to take disciplinary action despite substantial knowledge of the misconduct.  “APU’s refusal to take disciplinary action here is truly shocking.  This type of violence has no place at a Christian institution nor any place of employment in California.”

Pradhan alleges that senior management were involved in covering up the antigay violence and harassment.  According to Pradhan, he has been subjected to severe retaliation after complaining about the misconduct. Pradhan filed a civil action in Los Angeles Superior Court (Case No. BC628292).  His case is set for trial Oct. 16.