SoCo Human Services Department Partial Closure

Some offices of the Sonoma County Human Services Department will be closed Wednesday, October 11, due to the effects of the devastating fires in Sonoma County. Services are still available in-person in some offices to clients who need emergency benefits and online options continue to be available. Check for updates on this website or by calling 2-1-1. Human Services employee social workers are going to the evacuation shelters to help residents with social services.

Open to the public as of this morning, Adult and Aging, including Veterans Services Office, 3725 Westwind Blvd., Santa Rosa. Phone 565-5900.

In addition, some offices’ phones are now repaired and working, though others are not functional.

Open Wednesday, 8 a.m.5 p.m.

Human Services Department offices for in-person support, including immediate, emergency help with CalFresh EBT cards for food benefits or Medi-Cal:


Closed offices are:

  • Economic Assistance, 2550 Paulin Dr., Santa Rosa. Power is out in most of the County Center.
  • The Valley of the Moon Children’s Home near Kenwood is closed. It was evacuated early Monday to ensure the safety of the foster children and youth in temporary care.

“In this extraordinary countywide emergency, our staff is doing its best to be a resource for clients and community members in need of services,” said Human Services Department Assistant Director Diane Kaljian. “Our hearts go out to all those who are being affected by these ongoing fires, including many members of our staff. We also appreciate all those Human Services employees who are working at the emergency shelters to provide assistance to residents.”

Details regarding Human Services programs and benefits availability are as follows:

Economic Assistance

Due to the emergency situation, the phone lines are not in operation at the Paulin or 520 Mendocino offices. Clients can apply on online and in-person at 520 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa, Employment and Training, 2227 Capricorn Way, Santa Rosa, or the Human Services South County Center, 5350 Old Redwood Highway, Petaluma, between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. The phones are working in South County (565-5511) and Capricorn (565-8500).

  • Sign up in-person for newemergency CalFresh or Medi-Cal if you need immediate food or health care from a doctor. Ask for expedited benefits.
  • Current clients who need to recertify CalFresh or Medi-Cal should go online to, and log-in to update their information. Medi-Cal emergencies include immediate need for medication or having a doctor’s appointment within 24 hours. Please call our offices only if you cannot access on the Web.
  • To replace a lost or missing EBT Calfresh card, visit an open office for a replacement.
  • General Assistance applications will not be taken at this time.


Adult and Aging (including the Veterans Services Office)

Open and phones are functioning.

  • Several phone lines are now working: the general number 565-5900 and the IHSS Payroll line, 565-2852.
  • In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) clients may need to call emergency services to help get to an emergency shelter. IHSS care providers may not be available to provide assistance to vulnerable children, people with disabilities and frail older adults.
  • Council on Aging Meals on Wheels were delivered on Tuesday and will be delivered on Wednesday. Four  dining sites will be open Wednesday. Check the Council on Aging website ( or Facebook Pagefor locations and information. Petaluma People Services Meals on Wheels and dining sites continue to be open, as are meals provided by Coastal Seniors.


Employment and Training

Open to serve SonomaWorks (CalWORKS) clients and those in need of emergency CalFresh or Medi-Cal, including EBT Cards.

  • Current clients who need emergency checks and warrants need to visit in-person at Economic Assistance, 520 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa.
  • Joblink can answer questions about unemployment insurance for those whose jobs were affected by the fire: or call 565-8079.


Family, Youth and Children’s Services

Phone lines are now working.

  • This office will be open to assist foster children and youth and to support foster families.
  • Foster children and youth from the Valley of the Moon Children’s Home are housed safety outside the areas of fire danger.