LGBT Congressional Staff Association Joins Call for Action to Address Sexual Harassment

Today, the LGBT Congressional Staff ssociation, Congressional Asian Pacific American Staff Association, Congressional Black Associates, Congressional Hispanic Staff Association, Congressional South Asian American Staff Association, Congressional Vegetarian Staff Association, Italian-American Congressional Staff Association, Professional Administrative Managers Staff Organization, Senate Black Legislative Staff Caucus, Senate GLASS Caucus, and Women’s Congressional Staff Association together issued the following joint statement urging Congress to take additional action regarding workplace sexual harassment:

“Working for Congress is an honor and a privilege for all of us. We work hard to support Members of the House and Senate in their service to the constituents they represent. The #MeToo movement has sparked an important national conversation and brought to light cases of sexual harassment at all levels of Capitol Hill, including between members and staff, between senior staff and the people they manage, and between colleagues. It also made clear what many of us already knew: the current disjointed process for reporting sexual harassment discourages victims from coming forward and has allowed a culture where this type of abuse goes unchecked.

“The legislation that the House and Senate passed to require sexual harassment and workplace rights training for all Members and staff is a step in the right direction. Holding Members of Congress accountable for their actions is critical and we need to reform the current reporting process to protect survivors. Members of Congress and their staff should be held to high standards and our workplace should set an example. It is our hope that Congress takes sexual harassment seriously and considers legislation to address these issues.”

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Congressional Staff Association

Congressional Asian Pacific American Staff Association

Congressional Black Associates

Congressional Hispanic Staff Association

Congressional South Asian American Staff Association

Congressional Vegetarian Staff Association

Italian-American Congressional Staff Association

Professional Administrative Managers Staff OrganizationSenate Black Legislative Staff Caucus

Senate GLASS Caucus

Women’s Congressional Staff Association