Local Transgender Community Unifies for Visibility March on March 31

Local Sonoma County transgender community members and their allies are sponsoring a march in Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa at 1pm on Sunday, March 31st.  The purpose of the event is to support a national day of action for transgender visibility in the pursuit of equal protection and inclusion for members of the North Bay community. The theme of this year’s event is DUE equals Trans Rights.  DUE stands for Diversity, Unity, and Equity because our strength is in our diversity; our power is in our unity, and achieving equity needs to happen now.

“That the local community needs to see us.  Our visible presence in our community serves as a protest to demonstrate the poor treatment of Transgender people. The outcome will be to breakdown isolation and let people know there are many connections.” — Trans Visibility March organizing committee member

The march will start and end at Courthouse Square where music, speakers, and participants will gather to celebrate both the progress and address the concerns of the transgender community. Speakers will cover various topics important to their community such as transgender discrimination within employment, the justice system, housing, education, and medical and mental health services. Local community organizations at the event will provide information and answer questions about available resources for those interested in learning how to access services or support loved ones who are part of the transgender community.

This event is free and open to the public. It is ADA accessible. Spanish and ASL translation will be provided. Any donations collected will be given to the support organizations in our county for the benefit of our community.