North Bay LGBTQI Families Forms Parent Leadership Circle

Join the 2019 Parent Leadership Circle! We are seeking the next succession of proactive parent volunteers to take on leadership roles within North Bay LGBTQI Families. Working alongside our active founding members, the Leadership Circle will form a cohort and move through a series of workshops and team building activities over the next 6 months. Parent Leaders will be empowered to host and organize 1 NBF event of their choice to keep our community of LGBTQI families active. Cohort will meet at a farm in Sebastopol.

Cohort Trainings
Workshops (2-4 hours long, times to be announced) 
     ○ Sunday, April 14th:
            ■ Building Equity Literacy in Our Ourselves
            ■ Community Security and De-escalation
     ○ Sunday, May 19th:
            ■ An Equitable and Inclusive Childhood
            ■ Radical Welcoming
     ○ Sunday, June 23rd:
            ■ The Intersectional Ally
            ■ Marketing: Leveraging Social Media and the Press
     ○ Sunday, August 18th:
            ■ LGBT History in the Classroom: How to approach your school to adopt the FAIR Education Act in their curriculum
            ■ Strong Ask

Expectations of Cohort:
● Attend 4 out of 5 Training Dates (negotiable)
● Parent Leaders commit to 6 months of participation with NBF
     ○ Promote & attend events
● Parent Leaders will host and organize 1 event to keep our community active:
     ○ Organize and Host 1 Event of Your Choice
     ○ Events include: New event of your design, Family Campout, Pride Parade Contingent, Info Meetings, Social Gatherings, Support Groups, Political Actions, Op Eds, Marches, 
● Parent Leaders will be empowered to work in tandem with their children’s schools to be more inclusive and equitable