Two Training Seminars about Healthy LGBTQ Relationships Offered

Healthy Relationships for LGBTQ Communities

Tuesday July 9th from 6-8pm

Positive Images 200 Montgomery Dr Suite C Santa Rosa

“This training provides an opportunity for LGBTQ community members to learn to identify what makes a relationship healthy. By understanding what makes a relationship healthy, participants can better identify risk of violence or coercive behavior.”

Intimate Partner Violence in LGBTQ Communities

Wednesday July 10th from 1-5pm

La Plaza at Lincoln Elementary 850 West 9th St, Santa Rosa

“This training provides an opportunity for service providers to learn about the dynamics of intimate partner violence that are specific to LGBTQ communities and the need for specialized services for LGBTQ survivors of intimate partner violence. Participants will learn to understand intimate partner violence in LGBTQ communities in terms of the workings of heterosexism and cissexism, as well as how to better identify and support LGBTQ survivors in interactive activities. This training will also provide a brief introduction into the importance of screening and assessment, as well as tools and resources for providing culturally accessible and affirming services and support for LGBTQ survivors.”

Please join us for both of these wonderful trainings! Follow the links to learn more information. We’ve attached fliers for next week’s trainings and invite you to share it with anyone you think would be interested!

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