What’s Happening at Occidental Center for the Arts Now

Dear friends and supporters of the arts:

I hope you are all safe and warm, and finding ways to keep yourselves entertained. As you know, OCA has put all of its activities on hold for the duration of the County’s shelter-in-place order. So far, we have rescheduled all ticketed events through May, and will resume small classes and group meetings as soon as the authorities deem it safe to do so. We’ll all miss getting together for the Fool’s Parade, now cancelled as well, but we look forward to lots of clever foolishness in 2021.
In the meantime, there is an abundance of art and music being shared online, including free virtual tours of museums and galleries around the world, free streaming concerts, and more. 

Below you’ll find links to websites and video recordings of some of our performers who’ve been rescheduled this season. You can use the links to enjoy a “couch tour” of live and recorded performances while we keep our safe distances.

We’re also sharing below some of the incredible artwork in our “She Persisted” exhibit, honoring the achievements of women throughout time.

We hope you enjoy the artwork and music, and that you will plan to see some of these wonderful performers later this year at OCA.

Even though our activities are on hold, OCA’s overhead expenses continue to accrue. With no event revenue we are facing challenges with our financial commitments including the upcoming property tax bill. If you are able, this is a great time to make a donation to OCA and show your support for our community venue. You can make a secure contribution online with this link.

Your support for OCA is greatly appreciated and will help ensure that we can continue bringing quality artistic and musical programs to West County.

We’ll update you again soon, and remain hopeful that our vigilance with social distancing is effective in suppressing the spread of COVID19. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns. 

I hope you enjoy the images from our exhibit, and use some of the links below to lift your spirits, take a break from the news media, and enjoy a musical or artistic interlude. You’ll be glad you did!

Tina MarchettiExecutive DirectorOccidental Center for the Artstina@occidentalcenterforthearts.org
West County’s Arts and Entertainment Hub

“She Persisted” Art ExhibitionScroll down to see more images from the exhibit.
“Honoring Jane Lathrop Stanford” by Lesley Pickford. Oil on Canvas, $600.“Sarah Grimske Suffragette” by Johanna Regan. Oil on Canvas, $600.
Livestream Concert: Dirty CelloThursday, March 26th at 8 PM

Join Rebecca Roudman and crew for a live performance – direct to your living room! Brought to you via Bandsintown. Click here to RSVP.
Rebecca’s Klezmer band SF Yiddish Combois currently being rescheduled at OCA. Check out more of their great music on their website.
Sarah Baker & FriendsSoul Blues with a Blues Rock Twist
Check out videos from Sarah’s new album “Baker’s Dozen” on Sarah’s YouTube channel.
Sarah’s performance at OCA is currently being rescheduled.
Mariah Parker’s Indo Latin Jazz Ensemble
This supergroup of Bay Area musicians includes Paul McCandless, Matthew Montfort, Brian Rice, Kash Killion, Ian Dogole, Duru Demetrius, Debopriyo Sankar and Fred Randolph.
Check out the ensemble and other great performances by Mariah on herYouTube channel.
Mariah and friends have been rescheduled to perform on September 12, 2020 at OCA.
Art enthusiasts: did you know that you can tour exhibits in the Louevre for from your home? Click here to see the Louevre’s virtual tours!
There are also many awesome virtual tours of museums available online. Click here to check out some options!
“She Persisted” Art ExhibitionSelected Images
BEST IN SHOW“If you choose to betray us, we will never forgive you”.Chris Cheek, Acrylic. $4,000.
“Still Breathing” by Jessica Morell. Encaustic. $875. “Not Again” by Trudi Hauptman. Fabric, yarn. $500.
“Liberty” by Marylu Downing. Mixed Media, $850.“Minnie Mouse” by Saroj Heron. Acrylic, $200.
“Letting go/Letting in” by Jessica Morell. Encaustic, $425.“Protect” by Mylette Welsh. Acrylic, $1,500.
“Untitled” by Nancy Kees Dunn. Pit fired clay, terasigalatta slip, $250.“Morning Tea for 50 – Women’s Work” by Lesley Pickford. Oil on canvas, $1,000.
“Stormy Weather” by Mylette Welsh. Acrylic, $1,000.“In the light” by River Mortenson. Acrylic, $3,525.
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