Documenting ICE Incidents During Coronavirus Pandemic

ICE is still arresting and detaining immigrants during this global pandemic. Homeraids have become even more of a risk now that agents know people are self quarantining and social distancing inside. But there are still actions we can take to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe. We teamed up with United We Dream to create a tipsheet on what to document if ICE shows up at your door, and how you can engage your neighbors for support. Knowing your rights and filming might not stop the enforcement in the moment, but it can help you fight your case down the line. 

Check out our tipsheet below (available in English and Spanish) and please share with your communities on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.  

DOCUMENTING DURING COVID-19We partnered up with United We Dream again to create “Real or Rumor: How to Verify Online Reports of ICE Raids” to help our communities build #PowerNotParanoia! Available in English, Spanish, Arabic and French.We created a graphic with advocates at Make the Road NY to ensure that our guidance on how to film immigration enforcements reaches those who need it most. Available in English and SpanishIn the U.S., and around the world, police are gaining and abusing new powers under emergency law. See our tips on how to safely and effectively film the police (available in English, Spanish and Arabic).Our new 5-part series has practical guidance on how to Prepare, Capture, Maintain, Share & Communicate human rights documentation during full or partial internet shutdowns due to repressive governments or natural disasters.

WITNESS IN THE NEWSOur U.S. Senior Program Coordinator, Palika Makam, wrote about 10 ways you can fight for social justice while social distancing in Teen Vogue.